Rethinking produced water treatment for simplicity & optimization

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An industry Ask-Me-Anything session

The depletion of freshwater sources and simultaneous difficulties of managing produced water have created the need for a radically different approach to treatment. Operators,  water midstream companies, and service providers alike are challenged by conventional chemicals that fail to deliver easily deployable, cost-effective water treatment solutions.

Watch an engaging industry session and Q&A with CarboNet CTO, Michael Carlson, who'll be discussing the obstacles that often arise when implementing traditional treatment approaches. We’ll also spotlight a novel chemistry that not only improves the economics and simplicity of produced water treatment, but also outperforms conventional chemistries used across myriad other applications and industries.

Featured Speakers

Michael Carlson, CarboNet

Michael Carlson

CTO, CarboNet

Amielle Lake, CarboNet

Amielle Lake

CCO, CarboNet